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We understand that, in order to train great entrepreneurs capable of transforming the world, we must prepare them to identify opportunities, analyze and solve problems, scale solutions and positively impact society.


Therefore, we have developed a teaching and learning methodology that encompasses: technical knowledge, business tools and methodologies, which are Business Tools, associated with behavioral knowledge, or as we call it here, People Skills.


We call the curriculum of our administration course "business tools".


Our curriculum matrix is based on a methodology applied to the creation of new businesses and connects market professionals such as teachers, academics, business technologies, and trends to entrepreneurship.


We believe it is essential for an entrepreneur to have mastery over 8 areas of a business. These are:


● Strategy;
● Finances;
● Marketing;
● People & Culture;
● Technology;
● Sales;
● Operations;
● Management;


All our curriculum is structured in curricular components that value these areas of knowledge.


The proposed disciplines are taught by market professionals, recognized for their relevance and experience. In addition, innovation spaces are present throughout the campus, so creativity and creation are consistently encouraged elements.


Partner companies are included in the students' daily routine, especially through solving cases, promoting mentorships, and giving lectures.


Academic advantages:


Within our methodology, the development of human skills is as important as technical and academic knowledge. For this reason, in addition to the methodological differentials present in the disciplines, our educational model is supported by projects such as:


● People Skills: the goal is to prepare our students and turn them into complete leaders and entrepreneurs, ready to deal with the recurring situations in the day-to-day life of an entrepreneur.


Among these skills, stand out, for example, the ability to manage emotions, communication skills, leadership, adaptability, and problem-solving.


●Welcome Back:welcome week dedicated to the reception of veteran students in our undergraduate program. During these days, students are encouraged to solve problems using business tools and frameworks.


● Link Project: works with the intersection of the semester's disciplines in the prototyping or execution of a business modeling, from the development of projects. The goal is to apply the knowledge of the disciplines taught in class.


Degree information: 

● Duration:  4 years (8 semesters)

● Investment:R$11.101,00 (JAN/24)

● Legal Act Authorizing the Administration Course: Course authorization by MEC Ordinance No. 184 of 06/24/2020, published in the DOU on 06/25/2020 (Accredited Institution with grade 5. Administration Course authorized with grade 5)

● Total vacancies: 200 annual vacancies

● Period: Morning

● Frequency: Semestral

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Professionals from the most diverse areas, ahead of the most disruptive companies in the world, at your disposal demonstrating the best marketing strategies, financial planning, growth and expansion, internationalization, succession models, and implementation of new technologies, so students can apply the lessons learned in their own companies or businesses and achieve their goals.

academic educators and instructors

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People & Management



New Ventures

Sustainability & ESG

Business Week

Family Succession

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what they are saying

Arthur Emanish

Student - Builder

“What I like most about Link is this environment that they manage to provide us with, full of nice people that we can connect with, and create this networking, and with this networking we can grow individually, and also professionally.”

Rafaela Anjos

Student - Partner

"Link is going to enable you to follow whichever path you want to follow."

Pedro Castro

Student - Owner

“We are doing something completely different here. What we have of most valuable are the people who are here.”

Sofia Pettit

Student - Partner

“What I like most about Link is the ecosystem we create here. Between students, we have created a bond of friendship and work, too.”

Valentina Ayroza

Student - Builder

"Studying at Link has been very special. From the experiences that they are able to provide us, to classes and teachers, who are more than ready to teach us."

programas internacionais do curso

In an increasingly connected and globalized world, successful businesses are those that have a global scope, but with a local focus. At Link School of Business, we believe that having international experiences is essential to interact with different cultures, to enrich the entrepreneur's repertoire and gain knowledge. 

Link's International Program was structured so that our students have immersions and opportunities to learn from world references.

The program is organized into six experiences, three of which are immersive, specified in the curriculum of the disciplines throughout the semesters and three others that are abroad, on trips outside Brazil.  They are: 



Stanford University is a world reference in innovation, located in Palo Alto,
California, United States. It is one of the most prestigious institutions in the world, with research and leadership centers of several areas.

Disney Institute

Disney Institute is the professional development and external training arm of The Walt Disney Company, operating globally recognized standards of excellence and customer delight.

Wharton University

Wharton School is one of the main business schools in the world, with excellence and research centers in areas such as business and entrepreneurship.

Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University has established itself as one of the largest centers of learning, innovation, technology and executive education in the world.

Babson College

A Babson College é uma faculdade localizada em Massachusetts  que lidera a maior parte dos rankings universitários de empreendedorismo.

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2nd semester: students take classes with Stanford professors on Communication Skills.

3rd semester: students take a trip to Disney and Miami and conclude a course at the Disney Institute.

4th semester: students take classes with Wharton University professors in Brazil and take part in a Global Entrepreneurship Game.

5th semester: students take a trip to Israel and conclude a course at University of Tel Aviv.

6th semester: students take classes with Harvard professors on Leadership.

7th semester: students take a trip to Asia to learn about the Asian market in depth.

Link Lodges

Link Lodges is based in the concept of ANYWHERE School, with the goal of boosting the intellectual and socioemotional autonomy of students, promoting leadership and strategical business vision.


The Lodges are like Link embassies around the world that enable interaction with major research, innovation and entrepreneurship centers around the world, in addition to offering an international network for our students.


This experience is organized from two approaches:


Learning by doing: means that students learn by doing practical and experiential applications in environments of innovation and entrepreneurship, to consolidate knowledge, repertoire and networking.


Challenge Based Learning: Based on a framework that is part of our methodology. Students solve business problems and challenges connected to the business world, to generate collaboration, organize ideas and business insights, identifying opportunities to undertake or scale a business.

Palo Alto, USA

Berlin, Germany

Boa Vista, Brazil

Palo Alto, USA

In Palo Alto, one of the most renowned cities in Silicon Valley, there are prestigious local universities such as Stanford, and numerous successful companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Dell, Intel, Sony, HP, and Xerox.

Berlin, Germany

At the heart of Europe, the Berlin lodge is located in the city that houses one third of all energy sector startups in Germany, as well as half of all Greentech incubators. The Berlin Lodge is located in the Mitte neighborhood, a neighborhood full of tourist attractions, museums, restaurants, and the famous Spree River.

Boa Vista, Brazil

O lodge da Boa Vista é a nossa home away from home, um lugar aonde podemos receber a nossa comunidade Link, e construir ainda mais, em um ambiente de casa.


People Skills

Link Labs

Business Tools

People Skills

Here at Link, People Skills is a fundamental pillar of our curriculum. People Skills classes develop students in both interpersonal aspects, Self awareness and Self Management, and in intrapersonal aspects as well, like Social Awareness and Relationship Management. There will be 4 years of a self-knowledge journey, managing students' emotions, relationships, training and perfecting of their communication skills and leadership. All of that in dynamic classes, based in neuroscience and an exclusive methodology.


Students are supported by a Mind Mentor. Mentorship is a development process a mentor supports the journey of their mentored with the aim of reducing risks and increasing the chances of obtaining effective results. This is a well known practice in the entrepreneurship world.


In addition, students are supported by a Wellness Mentor. This serves to enhance results in a personalized way. Therefore, these sessions consist of a complete bioimpedance assessment, a conversation about aligning the students' goals, viewing and distributing an agenda in these 3 health pillars (Exercise, Relaxation and Food) and an effective action plan.

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Link Labs

Link Labs covers activities outside the curriculum, such as business mentoring, visits to companies and startups, lectures and workshops with experts on business tools, technologies and trends, futurism and sectoral analysis.

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Business Tools

Business Tools is a concept born due to the process of co-creation, integrating professional knowfinancialfrom renowned experienced people, professors, academics and the studies of new technologies and trends. Within the scope of Business Tools, students learn about:


People & Culture

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Link aims to break one of the biggest paradigms of access to higher education: the entrance exam.

Much more than having a good grade in a specific test, we want to know and evaluate our candidates' knowledge, skills and actions, which are related to the purpose of being an entrepreneur.
Therefore, our selection process is understood as a Link Journey, consisting of four stages: PREP, CASES, GROUP SESSION and INTERVIEW.


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