Master in Business

& Entrepreneurship

an executive course

for business professionals

to all who have or want to open a business

focussed on business owners who need to update their knowledge and grow

to those who have an academic background or market experience of at least 5 years

The MBE Program, Master in Business & Entrepreneurship, is a business specialization course built with the best tools and professionals in the market. Aimed at everyone who needs to develop business skills, for those who already have an academic background or already have a business, and want to improve some practices and processes, so their company can reach the next level.


The program is taught by professors from Link School of Business and important names in the business field, who will directly contribute to you expanding your knowledge and updating you to every available tool that exists to boost your business.


In addition to the content, as an MBE Link student, you become part of an ecosystem that will expand and enrich your network of relationships, making it easier, for example, to raise capital for your business or even become part of companies that are inside the MI5, Link's partnering plataform.

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what you will


The best marketing strategies to focus assertively your fundraising

New digital channels to boost your sales, products or services

The most disruptive universe of nowadays and strategies to maintain and prospect a new market

The implantation of a company culture that will impact your business results

Financial planning structured and adapted to your reality

Tax structuring and how to use this knowledge to be more competitive in your business possibilities

The most important aspects of a successful business based on the experience of great entrepreneurs/teachers contextualized to your reality

In addition, you will participate in the Wharton College Entrepreneurship Game, featuring players from around the world that will provide learning and worldwide networking, placing MBE students on Wharton's select list of Alumni

how it works:

Once a month we will work on these basics and fundamental topics in Campus, with professors, colleagues and advisors immersed on campus. Every student leaves with practical, tangible, and applicable next steps for the coming weeks.


A 7-month course with both face-to-face and online classes focused on practices and experiences. There are 3 days of in person immersion each month and another 27 days of access to the Link community portal with exclusive content.


Every week, there are live classes held with professors and partners to deepen learning while also having the support of both business and behavioral mentors to ensure their best management and performance.


The time off campus is just as important as the on-campus time. The entire structure of this program is designed so that the student has time to create, test and collect feedback on what is learned. Furthermore, it is important to enjoy the connections and doors that Link can open, returning to the next module, better and more prepared.

every thursday, friday and saturday

2:00 pm to 8:00 pm (thursdays and fridays) / 09:00 am 4:00 pm (saturdays)

3 days of content

27 days of application

in person

every 2nd week of each month


30 e 31/03 e 01/04

1st module

04, 05 e 06/05

2nd module

01, 02, 03/06

3rd module



17, 18, 19/08

4th module (Master Mind)

14,15 e 16/09

5th module

05, 06, 07/10

6th module

09, 10, 11/11

7th module



Professionals from the most diverse areas, ahead of the most disruptive companies in the world, at your disposal demonstrating the best marketing strategies, financial planning, growth and expansion, internationalization, succession models, and implementation of new technologies, so students can apply the lessons learned in their own companies or businesses and achieve their goals.

what they are saying

Carol Campos

MBE Student

“Now I feel much safer with so many insights to face everything I have to face from now on until
the success of my story.”

Rafael Almeida

MBE Student

“When we actually put our ideas into practice, we can prototype, get inspired by several
other groups, create connections
that actually foster business within Link."

Thais Luz

MBE Student

"What I liked most was a business model insight
that showed me where I am and where I can go with my business."


People Skills

Link Labs

Business Tools

People Skills

Here at Link, People Skills is a fundamental pillar of our curriculum. People Skills classes develop students in both interpersonal aspects, Self awareness and Self Management, and in intrapersonal aspects as well, like Social Awareness and Relationship Management. There will be 7 months of a self-knowledge journey, managing students' emotions, relationships, training and perfecting of their communication skills and leadership. All of that in dynamic classes, based in neuroscience and an exclusive methodology.


Students are supported by a Mind Mentor. Mentorship is a development process where a mentor supports the journey of their mentored with the aim of reducing risks and increasing the chances of obtaining effective results. This is a well known practice in the entrepreneurship world.


In addition, students are supported by a Wellness Mentor. This serves to enhance results in a personalized way. Therefore, these sessions consist of a complete bioimpedance assessment, a conversation about aligning the students' goals, viewing and distributing an agenda in these 3 health pillars (Exercise, Relaxation and Food) and an effective action plan.

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Link Labs

Link Labs covers activities outside the curriculum, such as business mentoring, visits to companies and startups, lectures and workshops with experts on business tools, technologies and trends, futurism and sectoral analysis.

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Business Tools

Business Tools is a concept born due to the process of co-creation, integrating professional knowfinancialfrom renowned experienced people, professors, academics and the studies of new technologies and trends. Within the scope of Business Tools, students learn about:


People & Culture

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Exclusively designed to recruit leaders truly interested in creating or scaling impactful businesses. A quick, direct and assertive process.


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For the first MBE class of 2023 | LINK SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, the total investment is BRL 96,000.00 (ninety-six thousand reais).


The amount comprises the following:

access to the program, materials and exclusive methodology

16 credits to use in Link Labs

Free-pass to Link Campus' 5th floor


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