Link Labs

Link Labs provides college students with an experience that extends beyond the classrooms.


Through the offering of extracurricular activities that include mentorship, company visits, and workshops conducted by experts, our students learn valuable lessons related to science, innovative technologies, emerging trends, futurism, industry analysis, and business tool management.


opportunities and receive knowledge from external

transmit and apply knowledge;

support the creation and development of companies and

accelerate innovative projects.

hub de


Through a packed schedule of activities throughout the semester, from Monday to Thursday, and discussions covering trends and topics related to the key sectors of the economy and the market, our students are trained to identify business opportunities within the industry they currently operate in or intend to enter.


Access to the Hub de Conhecimento is available to all undergraduate students and Master in Business Entrepreneurship (MBE) students, upon prior registration.


The program consists of:

visits to companies and startups to understand the specificities among the various types of businesses in the current landscape;

cultural visits that enrich the creative repertoire of the students;

learning through conversations and mentorship sessions with entrepreneurs, influential figures in the market, experts in specific business tools, and others.

it happens at the hub


with Guilherme Campos – Co-founder of Dr. Jones


to IFood's HQ


to Adidas distribution center


with Gustavo Cerbasi


with Guilherme Brunhole - Founder of UauBox

Retail Workshop

in Reserva's workshop with Felipe Siqueira


Practical and dynamic immersions that develop essential skills in students for any entrepreneur, through interactive experiences and expert guidance.


Stage of evolution: they are divided into ideation, validation, traction, and scale-up stages.


Sector-specific: workshops are offered for agribusiness, retail, and healthcare sectors.


This is the moment where brainstorming about business projects


Those who are in the undergraduate program and wish to start a business but don't yet have a business idea or sector are in this phase.


At this stage, we also develop a track that will encourage the student to understand their talents and abilities using methods that combine elements from the fields of People Skills and Futurism.


This is the stage where students who have not yet validated the business model of the company they are developing are at.


In addition to validation, companies in this phase may also be seeking a strategic realignment.


This is the moment when the management of the company in question is structured.


In most cases, companies at this stage are already generating revenue and need to establish processes to ensure the continuity of growth.


This is where the company activates exponential growth, meaning at this point, revenue and the customer base are boosted, which may require a more developed administrative structure and additional costs.


A scale-up is at the peak of its development. From this point, it can become a unicorn, a publicly traded company that can be sold.

business mentor

Experienced industry professionals who guide, advise, and assist students in the process of developing their companies.


Carlos Henrique

Volunteer mentor at Endeavor with a postgraduate degree from COPPE-UFRJ and a Master's in Management of Technology from MIT's Sloan School of Management.

Claudia Madri

Executive Manager of new businesses at Suzano.

David Ledson

Board Member, angel investor, consultant and mentor of acceleration programs at Sólides Tecnologia.

Denis Chamas

Head of innovation and new businesses at Nestlé.

Ednei Zampese

Angel Investor and director at CentralMesh.

Eduardo Muniz

CEO at SIMPLIE and MBA professor.

Eduardo Braia

Startup investor and partner at Proinvest Finance Corporate.

Fernando Prado

CEO at Neo Vita Reprodução Humana and co-Founder of LabForLife.

Guilherme Brunhole

Founder & CEO of UAUBox.

Heitor de Vargas

Branding professor with extensive experience as Country Manager and Marketing Director in
large companies such as Gruppo Campari, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever and

Marcus Lins

Business lawyer and angel investor.

Marinnah Dias

Head of new business development in innovation at EDP Brasil.

Nicolas Scridelli

CEO at Habitissimo BR & Triider.

Victor Sanacato

Founder of the Tanso Innovation School and Managing Partner of Innoway.