We understand that, in order to train great entrepreneurs capable of transforming the world, we must prepare them in all spheres. Our teaching methodology encompasses technical knowledge, called Business Tools, Business Tools, or as we call it here, People Skills. To help unfold each students dream of becoming an entrepreneur, we have Link Labs, where students put into practice what they have learned during classes.

People Skills

Link Labs

Business Tools

People Skills

Here at Link, People Skills is a fundamental pillar of our curriculum. People Skills classes develop students in both interpersonal aspects, Self awareness and Self Management, and in intrapersonal aspects as well, like Social Awareness and Relationship Management. There will be 4 years of a self-knowledge journey, managing students' emotions, relationships, training and perfecting of their communication skills and leadership. All of that in dynamic classes, based in neuroscience and an exclusive methodology.

Students are supported by a Mind Mentor. Mentorship is a development process a mentor supports the journey of their mentored with the aim of reducing risks and increasing the chances of obtaining effective results. This is a well known practice in the entrepreneurship world.


In addition, students are supported by a Wellness Mentor. This serves to enhance results in a personalized way. Therefore, these sessions consist of a complete bioimpedance assessment, a conversation about aligning the students' goals, viewing and distributing an agenda in these 3 health pillars (Exercise, Relaxation and Food) and an effective action plan.

Link Labs

Link Labs covers activities outside the curriculum, such as business mentoring, visits to companies and startups, lectures and workshops with experts on business tools, technologies and trends, futurism and sectoral analysis.

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Business Tools

Business Tools is a concept born due to the process of co-creation, integrating professional knowfinancialfrom renowned experienced people, professors, academics and the studies of new technologies and trends. Within the scope of Business Tools, students learn about:





● Vendas

● Marketing

● Finanças 

● Pessoas & Cultura

People Skills

The so-called Soft Skills are the socioemotional skills, essential for each individual to succeed and be happy, both professionally and personally. But that term “Soft” has the connotation of light, soft and the brain makes an interpretation that is therefore less important than the famous “hard skills”, technical skills. However, as we have already said, developing your self-awareness, managing your emotions and knowing how to communicate and interact with others are the keys to true success and therefore even more important than knowledge of the technical part. That's why we call these characteristics People Skills, something that every human being should have, characteristics and abilities that allow a person to interact effectively with themselves and others.


Some examples of People Skills skills are: self-knowledge, communication, oratory, listening, emotional management, productivity, among others. In other words, we are talking about everything that contributes to your high performance and consequently greater chances of long-term success. People and soft skills are the most relevant factors for any employee, from CEO to intern,– and not necessarily technical skills.


Here at Link, People Skills is a fundamental pillar of our curriculum, below are the details of how it is applied in the curriculum:


Introduction to self-awareness (who am I?) and neuroscience (how do I function?)


Provocation from different angles about self-knowledge and emotions; also, preparation for Self Management


Communication tools applied to situations regarding entrepreneurship


Introduction to productivity and behavioral management


Development of Thought Management, Emotion Management, Crisis Management and Self-Management Instruments


Introduction to Social Awareness and Empathy


Deepening in Social Awareness and Listening


Relationships of Power (Maturity Continuum), Influence, Motivation, Teamwork


Negotiation and Leadership

True entrepreneurs, to lead a company, must first lead themselves.
At Link, People Skills classes develop students both in their interpersonal characteristics: Self awareness, Self Management and also in their interpersonal characteristics: Social Awareness and Relationship Management.


It's a 4 years journey of self-knowledge, managing your emotions and relationships, training and improving communication, ending with perfusion and leadership. All this in dynamic classes, based on neuroscience and with an exclusive method.



Our Wellness Pillar aims to enhance the personal and professional performance of our students. We believe that training both body and mind is what makes us go further.


There are several activities such as:


  • Lectures with guests who testify to high personal and professional performance.
  • Practices in the wellness room, such as mindfulness.
  • Ranking of our internal challenges.
  • Bioimpedance assessment.
  • External events related to physical activity and sport.


Sessions with the Wellness mentor serves to enhance your results in a personalized way.


Body and Mind are an integrated system. We take care of the mind and emotions in People Skills classes, and integrate with the body in the Wellness class. This is one of Link's main differentials for training entrepreneurs.


However, we believe that, no matter how much technical knowledge the entrepreneur has, the lack of self-knowledge and a program for the development of socioemotional skills can jeopardize essential resources to succeed in their endeavor.


With that in mind, Link offers all its students the opportunity to have a mind mentor-a highly qualified and experienced professional who supports students in their socioemotional development.


The Mind Mentor program is based on the premises and foundations of Neuroscience, understanding that results come from people's actions and behaviors.


And such actions and behaviors come from the way people perceive and feel the world, influencing what they think and feel from the meanings they give to events and circumstances they experience. Being active agents of change in the environment of which they are a part.


In this program, mentored develop an enormous capacity for self-knowledge, learning about their beliefs, emotions, values and becoming able to carry out their own emotional management, gaining maturity to create and manage a business, increasing the chances of success.


Each Link student has a mind mentor who accompanies them all through their journey. Throughout 8 semesters, 4 years, in monthly 30-minute face-to-face/online meetings to provide socioemotional support and guidance.


Colleges with a traditional teaching method transmit, over the years of student learning, only knowledge related to hard skills, that is, technical skills (eg finance, calculation, etc).


However, it is known that a professional who excels only in finance and does not communicate clearly, does not know how to lead a team, extracting the best from the team, does not understand their emotions and therefore makes decisions that generate losses, affecting their performance and market position.


Link's People Skills Pillar is a huge competitive differentiator for our students. Besides market, it is a differential for a life of high performance, balance and health.

Business Tools

Business Tools is a concept resulting from a co-creation process, integrating knowledge from renowned experienced professionals, professors, academics and the studies of new technologies and trends. The result was a robust and practical curriculum. The starting point for the creation of this pillar was: What should an entrepreneur and business owner know for the success of their company?


Answering this question, we come to the following topics:


  • Technology
  • Strategy
  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Finances
  • People & Culture


Here at Link, we believe that it is fundamental for entrepreneurs to master these 7 areas, always bearing in mind that all fronts are permeated by the constant inovação, sustentabilidade e aplicação prática dos conceitos.


search for innovation, sustainability and practical application of concepts. At Link, the format of the classes deviates from the traditional pattern, where professors are the holders of knowledge, often acquired through theory, and students are just receivers.


Our classrooms are exchange environments, where both students and teachers are responsible for the success of classes and learning.



Link aims to break the biggest paradigm of secondary and higher education: Brazilian's traditional entrance exam. We want to get to know and assess our students wholistically and not just on their performance on a specific test. Therefore, we developed the Link Journey, name of our admissions process, composed of four stages: PREP, CASES, GROUP SESSION and INTERVIEW.


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