The MI5 is the part of our school that works to boost and accelerate projects created within our ecosystem, which applies to both students and teachers.

At Link, students are prepared to build incredible businesses.


In MI5, we help them do it faster and make fewer mistakes.


For this purpose, we act as a kind of 'senior minority partner,' providing guidance, ongoing support, services, and investments to our partner companies to help them grow efficiently and steadily.

our 3 pillars

Partnership: we act as partners, providing guidance (through a 100-Day plan created with mentors), monitoring (weekly routines and processes), and networking (access to our entire contact network).


Services: Services Hub with free assistance for companies: design, marketing, finance and programming.


Fundraising: raising investments for startups ready to take the next step.


So far, we've successfully raised over R$6.7 million for 6 of our affiliated companies, resulting in a total market value of over R$60 million.


MI5 news

One of the main ways new brands are able to grow and show their value is by partnering with bigger brands! In the last semester, In Lata got very relevant partnerships, such as Meta and Arezzo. They will be the drinks' supplier for the biggest Meta/Facebook event in Latin America. Also, they partnered with Arezzo for their main influencers kit and also promotional packs with Beleaf. And we are expecting many more to come!

Inside MI5, we have companies from graduation students, students from MBE and companies from Link professors. Two of these businesses are Santé, a human development, high performance and leadership company from Caroline Garrafa, Head of People Skills at Link; and also a Skillplace, a B2B digital learning platform, from Tech professor Fernando Barra.

One of our partners is Eva Scientific, a company founded by the Norwegian scientist Andreas Kaasi and with Murillo Fraga, a medical student from our MBE. Eva is a startup with a mission to create the future of medicine– and today its flagship is the production of liquid collagen for use in scientific research. Eva has sold its technology to large clients, such as Boticário and Instituto Butantan – and many others yet to come!

BeWo is the brand that produces Epipi, the female urinary conductor that already sells thousands of units per month and that goes viral with millions of views on TikTok and Instagram – but BeWo has another achievement that needs to be highlighted: the brand has become the official partner of Mercedes Benz and sponsors the “A Voz Delas” movement.

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