Link School of Business is an institution that breaks paradigms, maintained by Bravia ImpactAsset (Quebec), an investment manager with an entrepreneurial DNA, which focuses on sectors beyond financial return, generating positive impact in the environmental and social areas. We were born from the dream of forming the best business owners in the country, and today we are an institution that has evolved beyond that dream.
We believe in education as an essential tool for the development of our country and in entrepreneurs as the agents of change, innovation and creation of value in a society.


We are a college with a single bachelors degree, in Business Administration, with emphasis on entrepreneurship. We launched our first class on August 3, 2020. Our teaching method is completely innovative, with a practical methodology, aimed at learning applied skills to build new businesses, to ensure maximum proximity between the classroom and the job market.


All our students graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree (MEC Accreditation – MEC Ordinance No. 507 of 06/02/2020, published in the DOU on 06/04/2020)..

we innovate in:

we are focused on:

our team

Luiza Azevedo


Luciana Santos

Academic Coordinator

Alvaro Schocair

Founder & CEO

Caroline Garrafa

Head of People Skills

Mônica Evangelista

Head of Link Labs

Leonardo Teixeira

Head of Finances

Marcela Caiado

Head of Alumni Program

Daniel Ihitz

Head of Technology

Gabriel Alterman

Head of Marketing

Rodrigo Lemos

Head of MI5

Manoel Lacerda

Head of Link Campus

Helen Mara

Head of MBE Program

Bruno Mano

Head of International Programs

Carlos Pegurier

Advisory Partner

Renato Mahfuz

Advisory Partner

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Contribute to the evolution of the world by transforming human beings through education.


To be reference in the entrepreneurship world, impacting future generations. Our commitment is to enhance skills and abilities, creating a community where learning flourishes, with diversity, sustainability and citizenship.


  • Respect
  • Courage
  • Responsability
  • Simplicity

work with us

work with us

We are in continuous search for talented people who want to change the future of education in Brazil.
We are looking for those who:

Believe in the future of our country.

Are unhappy with the current education system.

Want freedom and autonomy to create the different.

Are willing to improve their knowledge.

Are examples as people and professionals

Have a positive attitude.

Do you fit this profile?
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