We want to get to know and assess our students wholistically and not just on their performance on a specific test.


Therefore, we have developed a selective process that is completely different from traditional entrance exams in Brazil: Link's journey, the name given to our admissions process.


The first phase of the process, called PREP, consists of 4 assignments that will help us learn more about each candidate, their desires, personal achievements, opinions and goals, personality and principles.

  • Letter of recommendation
  • Scrapbook
  • Video
  • Profile Assessment

Candidates will have more details and guidance on each activity in Google Classroom, which is the platform used to upload all assignments.


In this phase, candidates will resolve 4 real cases from existing companies.

They will need to use every available tool so that they can present the best possible solution for each business case.



In the third phase, candidates will participate in a group dynamic where we will evaluate how well they work in groups, their problem-solving skills and frame of mind.


The last stage consists of an individual interview to get to know the candidates more personally, and understand how much they want to be part of the Link team.





Semester and Scholarships

The Scholarship program was designed so that we can bring the best talented students to attend Link, regardless of financial conditions. Therefore, to assist students with socioeconomic vulnerability, the criteria for granting scholarships is completely based on need, not merit.


Our current classes are made up of students from 16 states around Brazil, in addition to São Paulo, and more than 40% of our students receive scholarships, according to their specific needs.




Link School of Business has a semester periodicity, so the entire course is made up of eight semesters.


Monthly fee amount is of R$ 10,612.00 (Jan/22) including:
● Academic supplies
● International Program
● Access to Link Labs
● Classes and Mentorships


How does the Scholarship Program work?


All grants are refundable, corrected only by the IPCA, without any interest. (IPCA is the reference for the Brazilian inflation-targeting system.)


Refunds are paid in installments, depending on the scholarship awarded, within 8 years after graduation, with a one-year grace period. This refund, without any real interest, will form the funding fund for future grants.


The first 5 years of the Scholarship Fund (4 years of graduation + 1 year of grace period) will be fully supported by Link. From then on, and for another 4 years, Link will provide what is necessary to complement the fund, so that the program can continue.


From the tenth year onwards, the Scholarship Fund Program finances itself.


Instead of creating a vehicle dependent on constant donations, our intention is to create a program that finances itself, that becomes self-sustaining and eventually much greater than our students' needs.


To this end, Link yields up to 30% of its revenue to provide grants ranging from 10% to 85% of the tuition fee.


Scholarships are revalidated and reassessed each semester by commission.


All financial information and scholarship decisions are confidential. Having a successful academic standing is critical for scholarships' revalidation.

what they

are saying

Giulia Androzoni

Student - Builder

"I had no idea how good would the selective process be, and how much I would
learn throughout the entire Link Journey."

Pedro Castro

Student - Owner

“In the Cases phase, we were able to meet super cool entrepreneurs, solve real problems
of companies that are in our daily lives, deepen
our knowledge and put into practice everything we learned throughout life
in the selective process.”


Student - Partner

"We use our networking to help us throughout Link's selective process.
Besides learning so much during the process,
I have really found myself in it.

Pedro Sallom

Student - Builder

"I had never seen a university with a selective process that shows you how fun it is to be an
entrepreneur, while also showing how to
improve your communication skills and entrepreneurship skills.


Student - Builder

"Link's selective process is much more than an entrance exam, it is a transformation."



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